BoardwalkYes, TODAY is the day…the day for what?  Well, let me tell you. Today when I woke up, I said to myself, this is the day to give you and advice.

What? ? Are you telling me you do not need any advice? I am very sorry, but please allow me to say you are not really being honest with yourself, are you? This advice is for you.  The one who takes a few minutes of her precious time to read my blog.

You, lonely women.  Have you ever asked yourself what is to feel lonely? Can you understand its’ meaning? Or may be analyzed it, or defined it? Do not waste your time, don’t get desperate. The truth of the matter is that you are not lonely.  You are just procrastinating to change your way of thinking and handling your emotions. Human beings should never feel lonely.

Okay, here it comes: let’s take a test okay? You will never be sorry, just follow my instructions.

Look for a mirror.  Now relax and look at yourself, your outer and in your inner self.  Focus, don’t rush, looking in your eyes.  What do you see?  You are doing fine, please keep going. Don’t stop don’t feel down.  You are only human, you allowed the negative thoughts invade your soul and now you believe there is nothing to do, there is no way out.  Listen, stop right now!  Close your eyes, and say to yourself, everything is perfect and no one can stop you (repeat it out loud), so you can hear yourself. “From now on all that I will put in my mind is good and perfect.  No one will stop me.  All my steps and thoughts will be guided by my good feelings.”  Very soon you will see your life will change and you will be a new person.  No more feeling lonely.  Just keep repeating to yourself:  all is in the past. It is very important to remember, you control your thoughts and your imagination, and if you have faith, perseverance and hope they will help confirm your thoughts.   It is all in your positive thinking.   You will no longer feel lonely, that is in the past and will never comeback.

Now, for the first time of your new life, plan your days, from morning to night.  Keep yourself busy doing things that you enjoy doing, things that you love, things that you to concentrate and be present in that moment.  The day will be over and you will no longer feel….. Ups. What is the Word? It’s already gone.  Forgotten forever and ever. Right?

“Remember all can be done, when you really believe”